Kim Abson MD
August 3, 2018 | by The Polyclinic

What’s the best part about being a dermatologist? For Dr. Kim Abson, it’s problem solving and saving a person’s life by detecting skin cancer early on.

However, dermatology wasn’t always Abson’s passion and she even admits to having lain in the sun slathered in baby oil a time or two before she knew better. She says she started her career wanting to be a dentist, remembering the posters of teeth she had up on her bedroom walls.

It wasn’t until she was chief resident at Duke University doing rounds with the attending dermatologist that she found her calling. “I kept pointing out things that no one else could see and he told me that I should use my visual acuity in my career. So, I did,” shared Abson.

In her free time Abson likes to paint landscapes and put her gardening skills to work. She says activities like exercise, hiking, being with people, and laughter are what really matter in her life.

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