Dr. Jim Hsu
February 20, 2019 | by The Polyclinic

Orthopedic sports medicine physician Dr. Jim Hsu was recently featured on KOMO radio 1000’s Health Talk discussing internal derangement of the knee with IRG Physical Therapy president Shannon O’Kelley. Patients with some type of knee derangement often have temporary swelling due to overuse or arthritis, or a more serious ACL or meniscus tear with symptoms like instability, catching, or clicking.

Listen to Dr. Hsu discuss internal knee derangement on KOMO radio.

Knee Derangement Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Hsu starts with a thorough medical history, and determines how the pain started: Was it sudden and unexpected or did it build slowly over time? He then performs a physical exam to look at range of motion, strength, alignment, and to determine if there’s fluid in the joint. He performs further testing based on these factors.

If surgery is needed, Dr. Hsu uses minimally invasive techniques to repair soft tissue injuries with smaller incisions for less tissue disruption, less risk for complications, and faster recovery. Dr. Has also believes physical therapy is key in guiding patients through the recovery.

Listen to the full interview to learn more.