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November 4, 2019 | by The Polyclinic

For the last two years, The Polyclinic has been contracted with Premera PersonalCare, a plan offered on the Washington Health Exchange. Premera is discontinuing that plan in 2020, and notifying its patients.

In 2020, The Polyclinic is contracted with the Premera Preferred Exchange plans, including:

  • Premera Preferred Gold EPO
  • Premera Preferred Silver EPO
  • Premera Preferred Bronze EPO
  • Premera Preferred Bronze HSA EPO

We sent a letter to our patients on the Premera PersonalCare plan notifying them of this change for 2020.

Please note, the Premera Preferred plans are the only Exchange plans The Polyclinic is contracted with for 2020. Premera is also offering an Exchange product under the Lifewise brand. The Polyclinic is NOT in-network on that plan.

Exchange plan updates are listed on our website here.