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Friday, July 12, 2013

To make it more convenient for our patients to get their mammograms, we’re pleased to offer screening mammography at The Polyclinic Northgate. We recently remodeled the clinic to add this important service for patients who live and work nearby. In addition to our new mammography station, we added two dressing rooms and a reception area to help us provide the best-possible patient experience.

To schedule a mammogram at any one of our three screening mammography locations—including Broadway, Madison Center and Northgate—call us at 206-860-5496.

Screening mammography is just one part of The Polyclinic’s comprehensive breast health program that also includes diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound and MRI, stereotactic biopsy as well as breast surgery and breast cancer care. Should you ever need follow-up care after your mammogram, it’s reassuring to know you can get all the care you need at The Polyclinic.