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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seattle Magazine recently announced its list of Top Doctors for 2013 in its annual special issue published this month. Congratulations to all of The Polyclinic physicians who made this year’s list—44 in all. We were well represented throughout the issue, and one of our physicians, Dr. Shannon Heitritter, endocrinologist at The Polyclinic Madison Center, was prominently featured on the cover. Congratulations to all those who were recognized this year! See the complete list below.


Allergy & Immunology

Vinod   Doreswamy, MD         

Arvinder Mokha, MD  


Cardiology (Electrophysiology)

Jad Swingle, MD         


Cardiology (General)

James Willems, MD     


Critical Care

Chip (Curtis) Veal Jr., MD



Kim Abson, MD

Marc Antezana, MD



Kenneth Gross , MD

Shannon Heitritter, MD


Family Medicine/Family Practice

Robert  Goode, MD

Roberta Sherman, MD



Craig Pepin, MD


Hospital Medicine

James Papathanasiou, MD       


Infectious Disease

John Pauk, MD           


Internal Medicine

Ralph Rossi, MD



Rex Ochi, MD

Bruce O'Neill, MD



Braden Nago, MD


Neurology, Pediatric

Lauren  Plawner, MD


Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ann Bridges, MD

Emily Norland, MD



Henry   Li, MD



Elizabeth Choy, MD    

Sameer Khan, MD      



Christopher Cannon, MD        



Felix Chu, MD

Kathleen Stickney, MD           


Pediatric Medicine

Sherri Zorn, MD        


Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery

Frank Isik, MD           

Jeffrey  Kyllo, MD       


Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery

Drew (Andrew) Welk, MD     



Matthew Phelps, MD


Pulmonary (General)

John Huseby, MD       

Embra Roper, Jr., MD



Jennifer Gorman, MD  

Florence Hsu, MD       

Pamela Sheets, MD


Sleep Medicine

David Chang, MD


Surgery (Colorectal)

Laura   Gladstone, MD

Steven  Medwell, MD  


Surgery (General)

Steven  Counter, MD   


Urology & Urologic Surgery

Emily Bradley, MD

Joseph  Marquez, MD 


Vascular Surgery

Yi Soo Kim, MD