As you consider health plan options this year, we want you to be aware of the Exchange and individual plans that may allow you to see Polyclinic physicians in 2018.

Premera Blue Cross PersonalCare (primary care and specialty care)

We are participating in the Premera PersonalCare plan through the Virginia Mason network. Patients on Premera PersonalCare can continue to see Polyclinic primary care and specialty care providers. If you choose this plan and need inpatient care, it will be provided at Virginia Mason Medical Center First Hill.

Please note: Virginia Mason does not offer obstetric care. If you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant and wish to deliver with a Polyclinic physician, you will need to either choose one of our Family Medicine doctors who delivers at Northwest Hospital, which is in network with this plan, or you may petition Premera for an exception of medical necessity to deliver at Swedish Medical Center First Hill with one of our other OB/GYN or Family Medicine providers. To find a doctor who delivers at Northwest Hospital, please visit our Family Medicine with Obstetrics page.

While the Washington Health Plan Finder website may not be up-to-date to include Polyclinic providers, please know we are contracted with this plan.

If you’d like help signing up for the Premera PersonalCare plan, please contact our insurance partner and independent broker group, Connexion Insurance Solutions at 1-877-217-3279.

Kaiser Permanente Core and Flex Plans (specialty care with referral)

The individual plan is still being offered in 2018, but like this year, The Polyclinic is not in-network for primary care. Patients can see Polyclinic specialists if you receive a referral from your plan’s in-network primary care provider.

Thank you for your patience as we finalized contracts for Exchange and individual market plans this year. There has been increased uncertainty in the insurance industry this year and in the individual and Exchange market in particular. We hope to see more stabilization in the coming year with more options for individuals who purchase their own insurance.